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Collections solutions for international low and high-value accounts receivable - confidential and professional

Your access to an exclusive network of vetted, tested and proven Debt Collectors in Germany, Europe and all over the world.

  • global and international recoveries
  • debt collection in Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • collections services covering all kinds of debts
  • credit control 
  • litigations, legal recoveries
  • We are a Law Firm. Our office is collecting outstanding debts on international basis and conduct court proceedings, litigations, in Germany or through our international partners in all countries all over Europe
  • Out of court we work on "no win, no fee", resp. "no cure, no pay" basis, our commission fee varies from 10% to 1%.

You are supported by our modern and efficient collections' infrastructure, by all processes, technology and people, to meet your requirements.

We provide our collection partners with the technology and techniques to optimize collection efforts and increase the benefits that accrue to all parties involved in the collection process.

As Lawyers, we are legally bound by confidentiality and professional rules and the attorney-client-privilege.

We provide global collections services, covering credit control, international debt collection and legal recoveries plus accounts receivables as well.

We know from our 25 years of experience that outsourcing can significantly improve your collections by focusing on the specialized service that is important to our clients.

For this reason, our services focus on the speed and stringency of procedural processes and reporting. Our smart collection services ensure that smart credit professionals achieve their goal.

As a Law Firm we represent your interests during all stages of proceedings from the first request for payment up to the enforcement of a judgment.

We are Your partner in international debt collection and global recovery in Germany, Europe and worldwide 

We are a one-stop provider for debt collection solutions

Digital debt collection and Recoveries are ours

All procedural steps from the reminder, telephone calls and negotiations to the judicial enforcement of your claim and compulsory execution or even your representation in insolvency proceedings: all from one source!

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